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Thank You and Farewell from CARE4BCS

During the winter of 2004 a border collie named Dot found her way into the state of Wisconsin. This Border Collie was in desperate need of a stable home. She had been passed around during her first five years of life and was an extremely introverted dog. Dot would shake if people would look at her but when she had the opportunity to get behind sheep she transformed into a beautiful working dog. A small group of people took an interest in Dot and made sure she found a permanent home. Because of Dot an idea arose to start a fundraising group. In the spring of 2004 CARE4BCS was formed.

Many of the founding members of CARE4BC’s had experience in other rescues so the formation of the group went smoothly. The dog world also stepped up and helped by connecting our group with fundraisers. In a very short period of time Care4BCs was providing food at the Wisconsin Working Stock Dog Association Labor Day Trial, Doggie Days in Hartford, and the winter training clinic with Jack Knox. One of the members of the group had experience with online merchandise so a store was formed. This led to the group going to expo shows. CARE4BCs even went to the WI State Fair for many years and the Border Collie specialty in Jefferson. It was very rewarding to network with people who cared about animals. People who wanted to help in some way and were willing to give a dog a second chance. You just never knew when a conversation would lead to someone opening up their home to a dog in need or a person gathering a little more insight into the care of the Border Collie.

The mission of this group has been to raise funds for Border Collies, to assist shelters, the public and BC rescues through networking, as well as providing transportation, evaluations, referrals and education. We wanted to make a difference for groups who were working so hard to save border collies, but may not have the staff or resources to raise money. Over the nine year history of CARE4BCs the group raised money which helped more than 50 dogs with expenses that ranged from basic health care to life saving surgeries. The rewards have been great, knowing that this little group of people made a difference. Many friends have been made and we would like to thank all of you who have helped CARE4BCs.

The cycle of life goes on and sadly there is always a time to end even what is good. CARE4BCs has decided to dissolve and will be donating the remaining balance of funds to Border Collie Rescues in the upper Midwest.

Dot, the dog who brought this group together went on to live out her life in Fond du Lac. Her new life included helping a novice handler learn about sheep, doing a little agility just for fun, going for walks, hanging out in the house, swimming in the pond and even going to a school periodically. At school Dot helped students learn about the importance of providing a good home for any animal that is taken in. The little rescue dog brought a great deal of pleasure to her forever home. If you ever find yourself in a place where you can take in a dog who is in need, the rewards are great. In a perfect world there would be no need for rescue. Unfortunately, that is not the world in which we live. As we leave, we encourage you to help out when you can, adopt if you will and only buy from a responsible breeder.

Again a big thank you to all who have helped to support our mission over the years and to those of you who continue to help out “Man’s Best Friend”!

Yours truly CARE4BCs



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